By default, ReviewStudio provides a way of organizing your projects by “Client”. The standard structure we’ve offered has always been Client -> Project -> Review -> Files. This structure works well for studios, agencies, and other organizations that do naturally work with either external or possibly internal clients. But our experience has shown that there is really no one-size-fits-all approach to how different organizations organize their projects.

We have seen many variations on this theme. For example, some manufacturing or CPG companies prefer to organize their projects by Brand. For digital agencies specializing in ongoing social media campaigns, organizing projects by Month, Quarter, or Campaigns may work best. Larger organizations may prefer to organize their internal projects by Team or Location. An educational institution may want to organize projects by Courses. And finally, some organizations don’t need to organize their projects at all.

Changing Organization by Client

To help address all these different scenarios, we’re now providing the option for you to indicate how to best organize your projects and maintain that representation consistently through the app Dashboard and notifications. If you would like to change the current “Client” representation and labeling for your account, you can now go to your Settings > Configuration menu and select the best fit from the curated list provided (and if you don’t find what you need in our list, simply contact us and we’ll add it).

Client Name

Simplifying Project Organization

If it’s sufficient for you to organize all your Reviews solely by Project, we now offer the option to select “None” as well. Removing this level of organization can simplify your workflows and dashboard if it’s not required. Of course, should your needs change down the road and adding another level of organization to your project makes sense, you can change the setting at any time.

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