By Creatives, for Creatives

Reimagining Creative Collaboration

Our Story

We started ReviewStudio back in 2014 as a team of art directors and digital media developers frustrated by the challenges of coordinating feedback and approval on a film production involving teams spread over several continents. We recognized that there had to be a better way to gather feedback and review a video or other project elements for quicker and more efficient turnarounds.

In our research we discovered a clear need for an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for collecting internal and client feedback. The same obstacles we were facing with review and approval workflows existed across creative fields and projects. 

So we set out to become the leading software for teams looking to efficiently and effectively collaborate to realize ambitious creative visions.

With ReviewStudio, we aim to inspire creativity, collaboration and productivity by empowering our users to come together to deliver their best work – on time, and without the headaches.

What We Do

ReviewStudio is a creative workflow platform explicitly designed to streamline the review and approval process for digital media projects. We provide our clients with a tool that covers all the media in their projects, whether video, audio, image, PDF or HTML.

While we are based in Montreal, we have remote teams in Toronto and Lisbon and serve clients spread out around the world.

ReviewStudio is currently used by thousands of creative agencies, studios and teams in over one hundred countries worldwide. Our customers span from some of the world’s largest agencies and brands to small dedicated marketing teams, and from video and CGI production studios to graphic and web designers – and everyone in between.

Our Philosophy

Other project management platforms on the market today offer a generic approach to managing workflows. 

ReviewStudio proposes a fundamentally new approach to creative project management. We put the content at the center of the discussion. Feedback, tasks and approval flow more naturally, and with more efficiency, when they are viewed in context. Our mission is to become the leading workflow platform for creative organizations and teams.

Prioritizing Practice Over Process

ReviewStudio is designed to support the way creative teams work by working like they do – with just the right balance of form and function. Process shouldn’t interfere with the natural flow of a creative project.

Tools and Features Creative People Love

The successful adoption of any new tool depends on the end user actually wanting to use it. This means being intuitive and easy to use, while facilitating great work with the least amount of friction possible.

Customer-Centric in Support and Development

We are very engaged with our customers – we aim to provide unparalleled support and training so that you are getting the most from ReviewStudio. As a continuously evolving platform, our development is driven by collaboration with our customers. We are constantly translating customer feedback into features and testing our hypotheses.

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