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ReviewStudio is a collaborative online proofing solution that keeps everyone on the same page. Whether you are reviewing a video, collaborating on a PDF, or annotating HTML, ReviewStudio is the easiest way to track feedback, tasks, revisions and approvals.

The Review

The “proof” or a group of files that require feedback and approvals

Markup & Annotation

Provide clear, precise feedback in context

Commenting Threads

Keep conversations and feedback together and on track


Manage feedback and turn it to actionable tasks


Get faster signoffs to hit project milestones

File Types

Provide feedback on a wide range of digital media file formats

Version Control

Keep all revisions together to track project development

Presentation Mode

Hold live Review sessions for synchronous collaboration


Full control over who can see what and when


Your creative feedback consolidated to a dedicated launchpad


A platform that’s made to work how you need it to


Best practice policies so you can sleep better

The Review

  • Upload one or more files that you want to have reviewed and approved together
  • Combine Video, PDF, Image and HTML files in a single Review
  • Batch upload, drag and drop reorder, sort options, and search functions make for easy feedback management
  • Upload unlimited and sequential versions of files to the same Review
  • Set specific Review options such as deadlines, download options, labels and more

Markup & Annotation Tools

  • Provide convenient tools to quickly collect feedback on a wide range for media files
  • Sticky note, pen, shape choices, freehand and more tools designed to facilitate clear and precise feedback
  • On-frame markup for video files
  • Text markup options for PDF files including highlight, delete, replace and insert text

Comment Discussion Threads

  • Threaded comments and conversations keep everyone in sync
  • Use @mentions to direct comments or replies to specific collaborators
  • Sort, filter, and cycle through comments for easy review
  • Attach files directly to comments for clarity and reference
  • Internal-External privacy mode to separate private and client comments (and versions)

Task Management

  • Assign any comment to any team member as a task
  • Visual cues identify required revisions and completed tasks
  • Filter tasks by user or completion status
  • Track open tasks across multiple projects and Reviews from your Review dashboard


  • Designate any number of approvers for each review
  • Set approval deadlines with reminders
  • Approvers can quickly identify where they have approvals pending from their dashboard
  • Managers and admins can also track the approval status of all Reviews and approvers

File Types


All Major Formats

Integrated encoding
Quick uploads
Rapid scrubbing



Text selection options include: Highlight, delete, replace, insert
Annotations track to orientation



Any resolution or size
Annotations track to orientation
Batch approvals and uploads

Web Content

Screengrabber, HTML

Upload a ZIP file
URL Grabber to import any live site and resolution
Annotate and navigate

Version Control & Compare Mode

  • Upload an unlimited number of file versions to track a project to completion
  • With Compare Mode, review any two files or versions with synced playback and navigation
  • Use Compare Mode to quickly identify that feedback has been properly implemented
  • Evaluate two different files against one another clarity and preference selection
  • Use the “Diff” feature to highlight all the changes between two versions

Presentation Mode

  • Host live-synced review and feedback sessions 
  • Review video, PDF, and any other media with your teams or clients
  • The laser pointer tool is activated for precise communication

Flexible Sharing Options

  • Sharing settings can be modified as required to address specific project workflows
  • Automated digest notifications can be set based on user preferences
  • Manually notify individual users of any Review updates with customizable and templated notifications
  • With guest access enabled, collect feedback from anyone by simply sharing a review link with optional guest password
  • Set client and project teams to establish (and limit) default sharing options


  • Get an overview of all Projects, Reviews, pending tasks and new comments
  • See where approvals are outstanding, and keep track of imminent deadlines
  • All users (excluding guests) have access to a dashboard with all the Reviews they are a part of


  • Robust API for customized integrations
  • Zapier and Integromat support for integrated workflows with 2000+ applications.
  • Enterprise, Software and Service options available
  • Available SSO configuration


  • 256 bit SSL Encryption
  • AWS Hosted and security compliance
  • Audit Trail
  • Security layer that is validated for the following compliance requirements: PCI, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee available with SLA

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