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Private and


Install the ReviewStudio collaboration server in house on any standard Linux platform. Benefit from signature-based security and encryption compatibility.

Customizable &


Configure the web client interface, implemented with open W3C compliant HTML5 standards. Add your organization’s branding with fully customizable CSS.

Robust API

for Integration

Use the JavaScript API to easily integrate with existing platforms. Communicate all review activity and annotation data to the backend systems using client and server callbacks.

Enterprise FAQ

What is ReviewStudio Enterprise?

ReviewStudio Enterprise is a client/server software application that enables the web-based review and approval of digital media content including video, images, PDF files and other document formats.

Who can use ReviewStudio Enterprise?

ReviewStudio Enterprise is specifically designed to meet the needs of medium to large agencies and media enterprises that require a secure in-house integrated web service for managing the review and approval process of their digital media projects.

What types of digital media can I review and collaborate on in ReviewStudio Enterprise?

ReviewStudio Enterprise supports the following native formats that are all part of the HTML5 specification:

  • Images – PNG and JPEG
  • Video – Video codecs are browser dependent though all current browser versions support MP4 (H.264).
  • Vector graphics and Text – Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). A number of open source and commercial products are available for converting a wide range of digital documents (including PDF, MS documents) into one of these compliant formats. Please see the integration guide for more details.

Does ReviewStudio Enterprise also support live synchronous sessions?

ReviewStudio Enterprise supports both synchronous and asynchronous review modes so team members and clients can review and annotate content either on their own or in live real-time collaborative presentations.

Is ReviewStudio Enterprise configurable?

ReviewStudio Enterprise is a highly configurable and customizable solution that is designed to be integrated into an existing Content Management System (CMS) or other Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

What functionality may be configured in ReviewStudio Enterprise?

ReviewStudio Enterprise is highly configurable to support any production workflow. You may define a matrix of any number of user roles and the functionality that each particular role has access to. Some of the functionality that can be controlled includes the ability to annotate an item, approve an item, view the status of approvals, download an item, and control live presentations. ReviewStudio Enterprise communicates all activity and annotations (i.e. new note, new markup, new approval etc.) to your backend systems via client callbacks.

What are the system requirements for ReviewStudio Enterprise?

The ReviewStudio client can run on any web browser that supports the HTML5 specification. This includes Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11+. Note that limitations in HTML5 support in some browsers may limit some functionality. Please contact us for the most recent compatibility information.
The ReviewStudio Enterprise server can be installed on any standard Linux server.

How secure is ReviewStudio Enterprise?

Because the ReviewStudio Collaboration Server and all your content reside within your firewall, you may configure the system to be as secure as your business requires. Here are some relevant points relating to security issues:

  • You can run the ReviewStudio Collaboration Server through a specific port (configurable) or to avoid firewall issues you can use the web interface of the ReviewStudio Collaboration Server. The web interface can run on its own DNS name or integrate with an existing web server via Nginx or a similar proxy server.
  • The ReviewStudio Collaboration Server uses a digital signature scheme to verify user credentials.
  • HTTPS encryption can be supported using a proxy server like Nginx.

Can I customize and brand the ReviewStudio Enterprise GUI?

Yes. You can modify the CSS to change the look and feel of the GUI. You may also introduce branding elements (i.e. Logos) and other functional controls in the web page that you embed ReviewStudio Enterprise into.

Is documentation and a trial version of ReviewStudio Enterprise available?

Yes. You can access all the documentation online here. To arrange a trial, please contact us for details.

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