Review Labels and Label Search

This month we introduce another major feature to ReviewStudio to help you better manage and track your review workflows. Review Labels provides your organization the ability to define any number of labels that can be applied to specific reviews to assist in categorizing and searching through all your ongoing projects. 

The Problem

As with most of our new features, Review labels was developed in response to a specific customer use case that was presented to us at the start of the year. In this case, our customer – a large pharmaceutical organization –  was faced with the problem of tracking hundreds of reviews through multiple stages of approvals from various company departments.

These stages included the creative brief, art studio design and production, proofreading, legal review, sales management review and eventually executive review. 

As reviews moved from one stage to the next it became exceedingly difficult for the project managers to track their progress and to easily ascertain in the dashboard the sharing and approval status of each review through each stage of development. 

Our Solution

Review labels provide an effective and flexible solution for this situation that could be used by any large organization addressing similar or entirely new workflow issues. By defining a unique set of labels and applying them as necessary, additional levels of information can now be layered to help organize your projects.

In the use case above labels are used to identify stages but labels could also be used to effectively identify channels (ie, Web, Print, Video) or to differentiate the “Client Reviews” from “Internal Reviews” of a project if that distinction is needed.

To learn more about how to use this new label feature you can read the help article here.