A common visual experience often offered by real-estate developers and online home sellers is 360 panoramic image. Unlike a regular image, the panoramic image lets the viewer “stand” within a space and view it from any angle. When combined with a specialized VR headset, the panoramic image can provide a fully immersive experience that lets the viewer feel as if they are standing in the room. Panoramic images can also be combined with “hot spots” in specialized media players that allow the user to move from space to space in order to tour a building or even an entire city (think Google street view).

Panoramic image experiences can be created either by “stitching” together a series of static images of a real space or by creating a computer rendering of a virtual 3D space. Computer renderings are created using special spherical projections that can then be mapped onto the surface of a sphere (cubic projections can also be used).

Image courtesy of Cicada Design

Until now, photography and CGI studios that create these specialized projections could only provide them for review and approval in ReviewStudio by either posting static views or generating a video of the 360 tour.

With our latest release, ReviewStudio now supports the ability to view and annotate directly in the 3D space.

Using our integrated player, users can pan and view the space from any angle and use the note or pencil tool to add comments on specific elements in the view. Clicking on a comment in the comment bar will immediately change the view to bring the associated pin or annotation into view.

For our customers creating panoramic images for architecture, real estate, illustration, and photography, this feature will now provide a unique option for collecting feedback and managing revisions on this highly specialized format.

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