Here’s some exciting news for video review and approval!

TeamPeople, a leading media & AV staffing agency published a comprehensive guide to video review and approval applications and we were very pleased to see ReviewStudio selected  as their top ranked platform.  They  reviewed over 35 different services, compiling a detailed comparison across 18 different features and putting them all to the test. The verdict?

“My top choice overall is ReviewStudio… I loved the side-by-side comparison, synced review sessions and slick UI of ReviewStudio. The features and controls in ReviewStudio are just right; rich but without excess.” – Evan Mueller, the author of the project.

What an amazing honor when you consider the company we keep.

What’s great about this comment is that it reflects exactly what we set out to do when we created ReviewStudio – striking the right balance between providing the most useful features while maintaining the simplicity that is so important to it being effective for both production professionals and clients. It’s nice to hear that we’re on the right track.

If you haven’t yet tried video review and approval – the ReviewStudio way – explore all the features on our site and sign up for a trial. We’d love to hear your thoughts on it too!