ReviewStudio has long supported a robust API for our Review Canvas software that has allowed us to provide OEM software to publishing and media organizations looking to tightly embed review and annotation capabilities seamlessly into their proprietary (or third party) project and asset management solutions. This solution is ideal for organizations that already manage the asset pipeline and that require in-house or private cloud deployments.

This month we’re releasing a new API for our hosted SaaS that is designed specifically to support the integration of our full online proofing functionality with other hosted PPM and DAM solutions (that also support APIs). This new API will provide us (and our customers) the ability to integrate ReviewStudio authentication, Review management (creation, editing, deletion) and activity notifications directly into these solutions to offer a more streamlined and integrated user experience. This will work for online proofing across all media types, PDF, Video and images.

Over the next few months we’ll be working ourselves and with partners to provide a number of turn-key solutions for existing PPM and DAM solutions that are popular with customers involved in marketing and media production. We’ll be posting more information about that soon but in the meantime, if your organization has an interest in using this new API to integrate ReviewStudio into your existing media review and approval workflows and production pipelines, please contact us for more details.