In our discussions with video production studios, one laborious and time-consuming task we hear about often is the process of compiling and distributing notes from client reviews of video projects, all of which can provide crucial tips for video note taking.

Whether reviews are conducted in person or remotely, the production manager is responsible for compiling revisions and circulating notes back to the customer for confirmation and approval.  This often leads to additional cycles of review, clarifications and delays.

ReviewStudio provides a simple and elegant solution for streamlining this process, and it works the same whether your client is in the same room with you or half way around the world.

As you play and review the video together, simply make annotations and notes directly on the frames in real-time as issues or revision requests are brought up. Your client instantly sees what you type and can confirm the information to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

By the end of your review meeting you immediately have a client-verified set of notes that can be saved to a PDF and sent to the client as a record. The report shows each frame, annotation and comment agreed upon.

From there, you can discontinue access of the online review to your client and redirect it instead to your internal production staff. Now they can add their comments and instructions to ensure a smooth implementation of the changes requested.

It’s a faster, more efficient way to gather and circulate client notes, and helps reviews of video projects. Be sure to check it out today over on our site for tips for video note taking and get in contact if you require a demonstration or any help.