Two new features added this month include the ability to sort review comments and the ability for collaborators to add files to review that they did not create.

Comment Sorting

Previously, all comments in the Review Canvas were displayed in chronological order, with the latest comments being displayed first. The new comment sort feature now allows you sort the comments both chronologically (older or newest first) as well as in order of appearance for video or multi-page PDF files. In the case of video, sort options include by timecode (ascending or descending) and likewise, for PDF files, by page number.

Adding Files by Collaborators

Previously, only the creator of a Review was able to edit and add files to it. Now, also users with a “Collaborator” role can add files to the Reviews that are being shared with them. This allows for some additional workflow flexibility by giving consultants or clients the ability to contribute new content or reference files to the existing collection. These contributors can upload new files (and reposition them in the Review) but they cannot delete files uploaded by others or edit any other properties of the Review (Admin users retain the ability to delete any file).