This month edition of the journal Education Technology Insights focuses on the rise of interactive technologies that foster collaboration in e-learning and we were excited to learn that ReviewStudio has been selected by the editorial board to be included in their selection of the “top 10 hottest Collaboration Solution Providers of 2017”.

In providing the context for their selection the board outlined their criteria “Collaborative solutions are based on the premise that that learning is a social activity. Unique teacher-student and student-student interactions have deep implications on the classroom aura. To understand and respond to each student’s individual requirements would be a herculean task for any teacher… Once the traditional stigma associated with social media and technological devices are broken down, a collaborative solution can play huge roles in unlocking the personalized approach to be followed for each student, and developing their knowledge base as well as their inter-personal temperament”

ReviewStudio has long been supportive of projects that foster collaboration in visual arts education and a profile of our solution and efforts was highlighted in an accompanying article in the journal. Check it out and let us know if you have a project that we can support.