Developing web content is a common undertaking for many creative agencies, marketing teams and everyone in between. ReviewStudio provides an ideal platform for managing the review process of any website or HTML project.

HTML Content Review

This month we’ve introduced an important update that makes it easier to upload web pages to a Review. Using the Capture Tool you can simply browse any website and easily “save” the pages you want to a Review.

The Capture Tool lets you specify multiple resolutions to present (i.e. desktop, mobile) and indicate if you want to save the page(s) as a screenshot (uploaded as PNG) or as live HTML content. If you choose to save as live HTML content, it will preserve any animations or links that exist on the page for your collaborators to review and comment on.

Once uploaded to a Review and shared, the HTML content is presented within the review canvas and reviewers can use all the standard markup tools to add markups and comments directly on the page.

At the bottom of the review canvas, reviewers can toggle between Annotate and Interact modes to test links or play animations with the page. As with any other content, iterative versions of a page can be uploaded and reviewers can easily view and track all versions and revisions using ReviewStudio’s Compare Mode feature.

This update, directed by ReviewStudio users’ feedback, makes proofing a website at multiple resolutions easier than ever. Gathering approvals on the specific pages you need reviewed is now much more intuitive (and focussed).

A key advantage to proofing with ReviewStudio is that the software allows you to collect and present any number of specific web pages, ads or resolutions that you want your clients or collaborators to review and approve – all in a single Review. You can also add in any imagery, PDF content, video, and more in the same Review, making your entire proofing process simple, streamlined, and centralized.

To learn more about the different ways to upload and review HTML content in ReviewStudio, check out our online knowledge base article here.

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