When it comes to creative workflows, version control, and revision tracking has always been a very important pillar of ReviewStudio’s offering. Compare Mode is a valuable feature that can be used to verify that the revisions made in a new version of a file address the feedback that was provided in the prior iteration.

In Compare Mode, two review windows are opened side by side and you can select which version of the file you want to view on each side. Current compare options allow you to synchronize the zooming and panning of the two windows, as well as synchronizing the navigation (so two videos will play in sync or two documents will turn pages together).

This month we’ve introduced a new Compare Mode feature that will make it faster and easier to identify the differences between two files. In Compare Mode, a new “Diff” icon (next to the compare options) can be activated. Once switched on, it will highlight all the visual variations between the two versions being displayed. With these identified, you can zoom in to examine the differences in more detail, toggling the highlighting on and off as necessary to confirm the revisions.

A few things to note about using the Diff function:

  • The new Diff button will only be active for comparing versions of the same file, and only if the two versions are the same size.
  • If you are comparing an image that has seen significant revisions, you may also see yellow where aliasing occurs (where there’s ambiguity in whether the pixels have changed).
  • The new Diff function will not activate on video content.

For more on using the Diff function and Compare Mode in general, please check out our help center article here.

We hope this new feature will help bring even greater clarity and precision to your creative workflows. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time with your questions, or to set up a demo.


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