If your schedule often takes you on the road and you’re working to a tight deadline, you may sometimes have no choice but to review and approve content from your phone. ReviewStudio‘s new “compact” mode now makes it easier to navigate files, provide feedback and mobile proofing from any web-enable smartphone. You can even run a presentation to live-sync annotations and video playback as you speak with your collaborators from any data-enabled location.

To provide this improved review experience a number of changes are incorporated to manage the more limited screen size. These changes include the following adaptations:

1. The annotation tool bar is reduced to provide access to only the most common annotation tools (pencil, note, zoom, pan, zoom-all).

2. The thumbnail strip is closed by default but can be opened and closed as needed by clicking on the file navigation button in the main header.

3. The comment bar is also closed by default but can be opened/closed as need to review and reply to existing comments.

Other than those modification, most of the functionality available in the full screen review canvas is also available and will function in either landscape or portrait orientation on your phone.

Providing an in-depth review of large-format media from a small screen is generally not the ideal scenario to start with. But when the need for mobile proofing arises, it’s good to know that you have a solution available to keep you engaged and in the loop on your ongoing creative projects.