The More Effective Approach to Video Collaboration and Review

The key to having your video productions run smoothly is obtaining clear and timely feedback from your clients. ReviewStudio is the top rated video review and approval tool that makes it easy for you to share and collaborate more effectively on your video proofing projects.

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Provide clear and concise feedback using intuitive tools for on-frame annotations and comments.

Streamline feedback through collaborative discussion threads and timely notifications of all review activity.

Let stakeholders review video on their own time or hold live online sessions to review videos together with any number of online collaborators located anywhere in the world.

Streamlined workflows to support better team collaboration

ReviewStudio is much more than just a markup tool. Turn client feedback into actionable tasks assigned to any team member so you and they can easily keep track of all production changes. Keep your team and clients engaged and on the same page throughout the course of your production.

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Assign and track tasks with your entire production team. All tasks are shown directly on the video for perfect clarity and precision.

A personal dashboard shows each team member an ongoing view of all their projects, tasks and upcoming deadlines, so nothing is missed.

Upload all file versions to the same Review to easily track and compare options and progress throughout the course of your project.

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A More Professional Approach to Video Proofing

ReviewStudio is used by hundreds of leading production studios, agencies and brands to offer a more organized and professional solution for managing video projects with their clients, teams and consultants. Each account provides a secure, private and branded site so you have full control over your users and how you present your projects and media content.

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A private, secure and branded site to provide your clients the highest level of service.

Accelerated uploads, integrated encoding options and global CDN delivery to handle the most rigorous needs of professional video production.

APIs to support integration with 3rd party or proprietary media management pipelines.

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Try out the new features of our new release and see for yourself how ReviewStudio can improve the way you create and manage your video projects.

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