To address the complexity of today’s creative workflows, you are likely juggling a plethora of applications to get your job done. In fact, the average agency uses anywhere from dozens to hundreds of different tools.

Using the best tool to accomplish specific tasks is always a best practice. Integrating these apps to support more streamlined creative workflows has often required specialized API skills and considerable effort. Which is why we are excited to launch our support for Zapier, an API integration service that will easily allow you to connect ReviewStudio with the over 2000 applications they support using a simple “if this then that” interface. From the entire Google Suite to Slack, Outlook to Excel, Trello to Asana, Jira to Dropbox, and much more, it’s more than likely that your favorite applications are currently supported on Zapier.

With the ReviewStudio + Zapier integration, you can now create more advanced workflows, automating what might have required multiple manual steps before – opening up new possibilities.

Here are three examples that were implemented by participating customers using the ReviewStudio + Zapier integration in our pilot project.

Creating a Review From a Jira Issue

A production customer of ours uses Jira to track the development of the assets they are producing simultaneously for dozens of game titles. They have defined an agile workflow where each asset is represented by a Jira issue that moves through various stages of production and review – with the review being undertaken within ReviewStudio. To ensure and maintain coordination between Jira and ReviewStudio they set up a zap that automatically creates a new Review when a new issue is added in Jira. The zap ensures that the Client, Project and Review names correspond to the fields they defined for the Jira issue. The Zapier integration also ensures that when an asset is approved in ReviewStudio the Jira issue can automatically advance to the next stage within their Jira workflow.

Tracking ReviewStudio Reviews in Trello

A studio we worked with had a workflow where new Reviews were initiated in ReviewStudio by multiple external artists and they wanted to track the Review creation and status in Trello. For this integration, every time a new Review was created by the artist a card was automatically created in a Trello “For Review” list containing the link to the Review. As with the Jira integration, when the review files were approved the card was automatically moved to a new list in Trello.

Advanced Approval Reporting on Google Sheets

One photography studio using ReviewStudio for approvals was looking for a way to do advanced reporting based on approval decisions. Their specific question was on the efficiency of the specific photographers they work with – how many versions were required to get approvals? With approval triggers, it was very simple to create an automation that created a new entry in a spreadsheet with approval decisions, version numbers and labels (in this case the photographer’s name was the label), which made reporting on approvals very simple. No downloads, exports or other manual work required. This is one way we make online proofing for photography much simpler.

And there are so many more.

Other ReviewStudio + Zapier Templates

Here are a few more examples of what you can do with ReviewStudio and Zapier. The templates for these integrations are available on our Zapier product page.

As we continue to receive your feedback we will continue to add new actions and triggers to our Zapier support. For a more detailed how-to, have a look at our help center article on this integration.

If you’d like a demo of how this could work for you, please reach out to our support team or set up a walkthrough at a time of your convenience.


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