This month, we are happy to release a number of important new features to improve workflows and facilitate collaboration with ReviewStudio. Here’s what’s been added:

New File and Comment Filters in the Review Canvas

A new Filter and Sort control has been added to the Review Canvas to make it easier to locate and isolate specific file sets that require attention.

The new control offers the ability to filter and/or sort files by their approval status. For example, you can now filter the file set to show you only files with “Pending Approvals” so you can quickly access only the files that still require attention. Or you could use the filter to show only  “Approved”. Other filtering options include “Comments”, “New Comments”, and “Tasks”.

Another option lets you filter file names by a search term. For example, entering “Shoot1” in the search field will result in only files containing “Shoot1” in their name being shown. This filter can be a useful way to create sub-groupings of files within a single Review.

We’ve updated the Filter & Sort in the comment section to include a search. So now, if you want to search for a comment with a specific term (or even a #hashtag), you can identify those comments quickly.

File Comment Filters Screen Shot

New Slider Option for Compare Mode

In addition to our existing “diff” feature, which can be used to highlight the differences between two images or pages in the Compare Mode, the Slider feature provides a method of overlying the right side image over the left image. The slider option provides a swipe bar that can be moved to instantly reveal one side or the other.

This slider technique is another very effective method to show the differences between the two images being compared. As with the diff feature, the swipe tool only works with two files that are the same resolution.


Revert to Pending Approval Option

Previously, after a Reviewer makes an approval selection, their only option to “undo” their selection was to make another selection. This new feature now allows the user to return to the initial “Pending” state if that is the more appropriate option.

Keep in mind that the ability to change an approval decision is always limited by the “Time Limit to Edit Approval Decisions” (which is set in the Settings > Reviews menu).

Multiple Deadline Reminders

Previously, only one email reminder was being sent out 24 hours in advance to all Review participants of an upcoming deadline on a Review. An option has now been added (and set as the default) to send out multiple reminders.

Two reminders will be sent out to all participants prior to a deadline (24 and 4 hours in advance). After a deadline, late reminder notifications will continue to be sent once daily for 7 days but only to people that still have outstanding approvals or tasks to complete (the Review owner will also receive the notification to keep them informed).

If you would prefer to have only one reminder 24 hours before a deadline, as it was previously, you can select that option in the Settings > Review menu.

Multiple File .zip Downloads

We have updated the way in which multiple files are downloaded from ReviewStudio. Now, when a batch file download is requested in grid view, the user requesting the download will receive an email with a link to download a .zip file containing all the files requested. This provides a more efficient way to process large downloads that were previously restricted by some browsers or slow to process.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback about these or any other features.