This month we’ve extended our comment functionality so that can now add multi-draw comments and review deadlines that have any number of drawing elements associated to it. This can be useful, for example, when you need to provide the same comment for multiple areas on an image or need to explain an action such as aligning one element to another (as in the image at right). To maintain the existing workflow, the comment window will activate as always after the first element is drawn; but you may now click “Draw More” if you wish to associate additional drawing elements with the comment. This will move and open the comment menu in the comment sidebar and you may continue drawing additional elements as long as it remains open (using any of the pencil or shape tools). If you make an error as you draw new elements you can use the delete or backspace key to sequentially delete them. When you’ve completed adding all the elements and text you want in the comment, click “Done” to save and start a new comment.

This new draw functionality is also useful when reviewing in real-time with other collaborators. By using “Draw More” with a comment, you can now continuously sketch or  “whiteboard” over an image and as each new element is added it will be displayed in real-time to all the online collaborators. Keep in mind that when using “Presentation Mode” only one presenter at a time can sketch in this way – though all participants can make use of the “laser-pointer” tool to point things out at any time.

Review Deadlines

When sharing a review with clients or other collaborators it’s now possible to set a deadline after which time the Review can either be deactivated (meaning it will no longer be accessible) or locked (meaning it can be viewed but can no longer be annotated). You can set a deadline when you first create a Review by clicking on the “Set Review Deadline” option on the Review edit page. The deadlines of all Reviews will now be displayed on the Review dashboard for each collaborator that the Review is shared with (by default a Reviews with an impending deadlines will be displayed at the top of the list). Review deadlines can be removed or changed at any time by the Review creator (or an Admin) but editing the Review properties. Check out multi-draw comments and review deadlines now on our site!