“Proximity” is the word Michael Starr, partner at Cicada Design, uses to describe one of the top benefits from using ReviewStudio as an online proofing tool for his digital production agency.

The company produces stunning design imagery and animations for some of the biggest names in the architectural world and has had projects published in numerous publications including Canadian Architect, The Wall Street Journal and Architectural Record.

Their projects typically require the participation of numerous stakeholders — architects, clients, marketing agencies, consultants — whom are often on the move and located over multiple timezones.

By using ReviewStudio, the production artists at Cicada are able to distribute, track and get feedback and approval on digital assets from all relevant participants throughout the course of a project.

Starr said he and his team save multiple iterations of design review by filing projects to ReviewStudio’s convenient, centralized site, where all reviewers can provide their feedback and approvals.

Being able to hold live remote meetings where the assets can be reviewed and where issues can be discussed with various team members together are critical time savers. ReviewStudio provides far greater flexibility than the traditional “meeting” approach to project reviews. This results in greater efficiency, but more importantly, Starr said, the improved communication leads to better team collaboration and ultimately a better end result – which shows the benefits from using ReviewStudio for online proofing.

“People have come to understand that these projects are collaborative enterprises. The best results happen when the designers and clients recognize their commitment as part of a team. And that’s really the essential value of ReviewStudio –  projects run smoother because  everyone involved is constantly engaged with the progression of the work and expectations are visible all the time.”

A long-time user of Cozimo (ReviewStudio’s predecessor), Starr said ReviewStudio looks and feels like a major progression. “We had been using Cozimo since it came on the market and it’s really become an essential part of how we work. They’ve made some nice improvements with ReviewStudio – I suppose what stands out most is that they’ve made it easier to use and that’s probably the most important aspect for getting all our teams and clients using it.”