Last year we released a new API for ReviewStudio to support our ability to integrate the platform with other 3rd party CMS and project management solutions. We also made the API available directly to customers looking to integrate ReviewStudio’s online proofing functionality into their own proprietary software pipelines and production workflows. An excellent example of how this works, and specifically for online PDF proofing, is a project recently executed by the Swiss marketing agency, Dealini.

Dealini’s clients include major international brands who are looking to promote their products to the Swiss market. Their unique offering is a social marketing platform that utilizes gamification to produce effective and viral marketing campaigns. Their approach connects both offline and online consumers – offering special product rewards and discounts by scanning promotional “tickets” using a branded mobile app.

A Dealini campaign will typically include hundreds of online and print elements, mostly PDF, requiring timely online proofing with both local and international clients.

And that’s where we came in.

To manage this complex process, Dealini built a proprietary platform called “Desktop” to support and track the collaboration between their internal creatives and account managers with their brand partners. By integrating ReviewStudio to Desktop using the ReviewStudio API, Dealini was able to create a seamless and efficient PDF proofing workflow specifically tailored to the parameters of their campaigns.

Dealini designers can simply drag and drop their work into a central campaign repository. The files are then automatically uploaded to ReviewStudio and distributed to the appropriate reviewers. Feedback, review and approval actions are also automatically tracked and distributed.

The benefits to Dealini of using the ReviewStudio for its online proofing solution were clear. According to lead developer Matthias Egli, “Integrating ReviewStudio through it’s API saved us considerable time and manpower. The integration was simple and we did not have to invest in the development of a full-scale approval program at a much higher cost. We’ve been very pleased with the performance of this PDF proofing solution.”

Dealini’s success offers a great example of how ReviewStudio can be used for the development of customized collaboration and online proofing solutions that fully support a specific design and production workflow. Our technical staff have now supported many such integration efforts. Should you have a similar project in mind, we would welcome the opportunity to share our experience and discuss how we can help you realize a similar level of success.