The techniques video editors use for editing their content can shape the success and failure of a project. Editors are keenly aware of how people think, remember and learn, and use this to create moving and powerful stories. As an editor you are a storyteller and should treat every cut or transition as precisely as a writer does with words or a composer does with music. With that in mind, here are 9 effective and simple video editing tips that can help your video content become more impactful and meaningful.

  1. Choosing the right software: Picking the right software sounds blindingly obvious, but it is crucial for producing the best work. The majority of software is similar, but one may be better than another depending on your tastes and preferences be it Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer. Being comfortable with your editing can help the process immediately.
  2. Learn and use keyboard shortcuts: One of the ways to differentiate new or budding video editors from experienced campaigners is in the use of their keyboard. Editors who have been in the game for awhile know that every second adds up. Learning how to use keyboard shortcuts can really increase efficiency and productivity. If you have some extra disposable income, simply buying an editing keyboard for video editing could also be an option.
  3. Tell a story: When creating your video, make sure it has a beginning, middle and end. Viewers are much more likely to engage with an interesting and genuine story.
  4. Pick your stories hero: While you’re editing, ask yourself how each scene is progressing the story. The subject of your video should be considered the story ‘hero’. For a corporate video, the hero might be an interviewee or the audience watching. Make your hero go on a journey – even if that is simply struggling until they find the right skin lotion.
  5. Use Square ‘1:1’ format: A study on Buffer Social shows that videos in a 1:1 outperform landscape videos by 30-35%, so editing videos in that format should help engage your customer base, especially on Facebook.
  6. Use High Resolution: Use high-resolution 720p or 180p HD. It has never been easier to produce high-quality videos, so in order to stand out you must match the competition in order to better the competition. Also, export the video in the format you created it in.
  7. Add captions to your video: YouTube videos see 40% more views with captions/subtitles.
  8. Make the first 10 seconds count: In this high octane modern world of short attention spans, it’s critical to make the first 3-10 seconds impactful. A quarter of people will simply turn off after 20 seconds, so focussing on that time scale is a necessity.
  9. Take some space from edit: When focussing on any task in forensic detail, it is easy to get muddled and miss crucial details. Step back and take a break. Returning with a fresh pair of eyes can help the creative space.

The key takeaway from this video is that video marketing is a great way to engage a new and receptive audience while building a customer base. Now is the perfect time to figure out what your audience enjoys most and create video content.

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