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Product FAQ

Who uses ReviewStudio?
ReviewStudio is specifically designed to meet the needs of creative professionals and designers working in projects involving digital media. Our customers currently include advertising agencies, video production houses, CG artists and producers, photographers, film makers and educators requiring web-based video annotation software and easy to use online review tools for a variety of digital media content.
How will ReviewStudio help my business?
One of the more challenging and time-consuming tasks of running a project is managing the review and approval process of the work in progress with your colleagues, consultants and clients. ReviewStudio provides an immediate ROI by facilitating and supporting this process in several ways:
  • An easy-to-use non-technical markup tool lets your collaborators and clients immediately review, markup and approve a wide range of digital media files from any online computer or tablet.
  • They have no need to purchase, install or learn specialized tools to provide you with clear and effective feedback.
  • Design and production cycles are faster because all content viewing and markups are centralized. Collaborative threaded discussions help you avoid multiple iterations by centralizing feedback from all your collaborators.
  • You can hold live online review presentations where all your collaborators can view, discuss and markup content together. This will help you resolve issues faster and avoid communication errors.
  • You maintain a complete, searchable record of all content-related communications and activities that take place over the course of project development. This will help you stay organized and avoid conflicts by providing a verifiable audit trail.
What kinds of digital media can I review and collaborate on in ReviewStudio?
ReviewStudio currently supports these formats for review and collaboration.
  • Images – PNG, JPEG and GIF
  • Single and multipage PDF files
  • Video – mp4, mov, ogg, webm, flv, avi, wmv, asf
  • MP3 Audio files.
What browsers does ReviewStudio support? Can I use it on my tablet device?
ReviewStudio is an HTML5 application that runs from most current web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11+. You can use ReviewStudio from an iPad and other tablets using one of the browsers indicated above.
How does ReviewStudio secure my data?
We recognize that privacy and security are important concerns for our customers and we make every effort to protect and secure your personal information and data using the latest industry-standard technologies. All communications with the application including personal information and review data are secured with 128 bit SSL encryption.
How does ReviewStudio protect privacy?
ReviewStudio provides a number of ways that you may protect and restrict the content you post. One option is to password-protect the Reviews you share. With mult-user plans you may also assign and restrict Reviews only to particular users. For a full description of how we protect your privacy please read our complete privacy policy.
How do I learn how to use ReviewStudio?
You can start out by watching our online tutorial videos. Our online help also provides instructional articles and a comprehensive knowledgebase. And you are also welcome to schedule a free half-hour personal demo where we’ll  take you through the application and discuss any specific workflow issues that may be relevant your situation.
Can I add my own branding to ReviewStudio?
Yes. Access to your ReviewStudio account is through a private login page that you may customize with your company logo if you wish (the URL will be Your name or logo also appears on the access page of any Reviews that you share with others.
May I install ReviewStudio in-house? Is an API available?
ReviewStudio does offer a specialized Enterprise client/server solution for larger media organizations that wish to integrate ReviewStudio’s functionality into their existing in-house network services. You can learn more about this solution here.

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