An easy, collaborative platform for online media review and approval

Get faster signoffs and clearer feedback with an easy-to-use, visual web app for viewing and annotating imagery, video and print content from any web browser or mobile tablet.

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Easy online proofing
Live or offline collaboration

A versatile solution that supports both independent and live reviews

Collect and consolidate feedback from reviewers independently or save time by holding live online meetings to present and review content together in real-time.

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Centralized feedback to keep communication clear and organized.

Iterate faster with collaborative discussion threads that consolidate all feedback in context, reducing the need for multiple rounds of email and the potential for misunderstanding.

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Centralized feedback

Integrated versioning to easily track, search and filter feedback

Track the progress of your projects – from initial concept through final design – and use our side-by-side comparison mode to view and confirm changes between any two versions.

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Stay current and informed with your personalized dashboard

See a consolidated listing of all your reviews, indicating recent activity, upcoming deadlines, and approval status of each item. Keep up-to-date with configurable email notifications too.

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Personalized dashboard
Flexible sharing options

Flexible sharing options that support the way you work

Easily share Review folders with team members and clients while controlling who sees what and when. Decide what level of security is required and invite external “guests” with or without requiring a password.

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Professional on-frame video markup with real-time sync support

Benefit from integrated transcoding and CDN transport for live synced playback and on-frame markup with any number of online collaborators located anywhere in the world Upload any video source material and communicate as if you’re in the same room.

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On-frame video markup
Branded platform

A secure, branded platform that offers a higher level of client service

Give your clients confidence and a professional experience by branding your login page, dashboard and reviews with your company name and logo, all hosted on your own private sub-domain.

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An enterprise-level solution for businesses of any size

Install our enterprise solution in-house and integrate into any existing content production workflow using our robust API.

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