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ASAI Awards for Best Architectural Visualization & Illustration

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the closing award ceremony for the 30th anniversary conference of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI) in Toronto. Having originally trained as an architect myself and having spent my career developing software tools for the architectural visualization community, I look forward each year to seeing the […]

A Top Down Approach to Managing a Collaborative Organization

More often than not, the failure for developing successful collaboration in an organization starts at the top. If the president, CEO or even your manager is inaccessible and not encouraging groups to work together – establishing rigid hierarchies of untouchables –  those ideas seep into the company culture and a negative form of competitiveness results. […]

ReviewStudio top pick for video review and approval

Here’s some exciting news! TeamPeople, a leading media & AV staffing agency published a  comprehensive guide to video review and approval applications and we were very pleased to see ReviewStudio selected  as their top ranked platform.  They  reviewed over 35 different services, compiling a detailed comparison across 18 different features and putting them all to […]

New Feature: Review Canvas API support

ReviewStudio has long supported a robust API for our Review Canvas software that has allowed us to provide OEM software to publishing and media organizations looking to tightly embed review and annotation capabilities seamlessly into their proprietary (or third party) project and asset management solutions. This solution is ideal for organizations that already manage the […]

New Feature – Review Copy

This month’s major new feature is the functionality to copy a Review – either with our without existing annotations. This functionality can be useful when you want to share the same content with different stakeholders while maintaining the privacy of the feedback you receive. To copy a Review: In your Review dashboard, click on the […]

ReviewStudio for Website Development and Proofing

This month we launched our new website – the result of many months of collaboration between a talented team that included our marketing consultants, designers, video producers and developers. Working with a distributed team of external consultants on this creative project presented us with a golden opportunity to use ReviewStudio (or as they say in […]

Introducing our New Review Canvas

This month we’re introducing a whole new look for the ReviewStudio review canvas. The new designs offers a more refined and professional experience for reviewing and presenting your digital media projects on all browsers and mobile tablets.  While the design of the UI represents a significant upgrade, the primary functionality or the canvas remains essentially […]