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  • What is the pricing of the SaaS and SDK solutions?

    The pricing structure depends upon the type of license required (end user, ASP, OEM) so please contact us for more information.

  • What is the difference between the SaaS solution and the SDK?

    Both solutions provide the same ReviewStudio functionality to review, annotate and approve a wide range of digital media files. The primary difference is that the SaaS solution is hosted by ReviewStudio (on AWS) and provides all the backend support to upload, process, store and serve the data files being reviewed. The development effort required to integrate with our SaaS is generally faster and easier to undertake than using our SDK.

    The SDK consists of our Review Canvas web client and server software that can be installed “in-house” and fully integrated into any existing CMS or BPM platform. With this solution, all the user, media and workflow management is handled by the supporting platform. Our SDK offers more advanced customization and configuration options to support whatever business logic and security profile is required.

  • Does ReviewStudio answer security questionnaires?

    Yes. We regularly answer security questionnaires that are often a requirement from IT departments. Please reach out to our support team to discuss your workflow needs and to share your requirements.

  • How does ReviewStudio protect the privacy of my data?

    ReviewStudio provides a number of ways that you may protect and restrict the content you post. With multi-user plans, you may also assign and restrict Reviews only to particular users. For guests, who have unauthenticated access, you have the option to password-protect the Reviews you share. You can also enable on 2FA or SSO login. For a full description of how we protect your privacy please read our complete privacy policy.

  • Does ReviewStudio have an API? Where can I see the documentation?

    Yes. It is available for accounts at the Advanced plan level and above. If you are interested in activating the API key and webhooks for your account or reviewing the documentation, please reach out to our support team.

  • What level of support does ReviewStudio provide for Integrations?

    We provide direct access to our API developers to help you spec and implement your integration project. We are constantly updating our APIs and Zapier implementation to add functionality that customers request. Please reach out to our support team to discuss your project.

  • Can I Integrate ReviewStudio with other project or asset management solutions?

    Yes. We offer an open API to allow you to integrate with the platform of your choice. We currently offer integrations with Asana, Monday, and Wrike. Alternatively, you can use Zapier or Make to easily automate workflows between ReviewStudio and thousands of other supported applications. Please reach out to our support team for details on getting started with our API and documentation.

  • How do I compare multiple versions of a file?

    Using Compare Mode, you can review any two files or versions of a file side-by-side that are in the same Review. For full details, have a look here.

  • What file formats can I proof in ReviewStudio?
    • Images – JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, 360 Panoramic (JPG or PNG)
    • Video - MP4, MOV, OGG, WebM, FLV, AVI, WMV, ASF, ProRes +
    • Audio - MP3, WMA, AAC
    • Documents - PDF, SVG, DOC(X), PPT(X), XLS(X)
    • Web - HTML (either as a ZIP or URL capture)
    • 3D - GLB

    If there is a particular format you use that is missing from this list, please reach out to support and we can consider adding it.

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