ReviewStudio is a video proofing platform that gives you full control of the video review and approval process.

Simplify the way you share video content, gather feedback, and obtain approvals, with our top-rated video proofing tool.

Smoother Video Collaborations


Get the feedback and approvals you need with intuitive tools and streamlined collaboration.


The video markup tools for precise, organized and centralized video review.


From intuitive setup to approval, our video review platform will augment how your team collaborates.

Best video proofing software by ReviewStudio

Some Key Features

Markup Tools

Tools for precise feedback, including freehand, shapes, text and more.

Task Management

Assign, track, and manage tasks, resolving feedback as you work.

Compare Mode

Compare files side-by-side, with synced navigation and difference highlighter.

File Types

Markup over 100 formats, including video, PDF, images, web, and documents.

Comment Privacy

Control comment and version privacy with internal/external privacy mode.

Present Mode

Live reviewing sessions to facilitate synchronous and faster feedback.

Version Control

Centralize and collate unlimited versions for sequential and organized review.

The Review

Group multiple files together for contextual review and approvals.

If you are looking for a way to accelerate video review and approval, take the smarter approach to video proofing. Talk to one of our product specialists to learn more about ReviewStudio.

Intuitive Video Proofing for All

With our video proofing software, you can easily share video content with clients or decision makers. Benefit from fast uploads, page load times and scrubbing.

No downloads, installations, updates, or codecs required.

Reviewing on the go? No problem. ReviewStudio is built responsively, so reviewing on the go is a cinch.

Video collaboration software by ReviewStudio

The Review Features You Need

Mark up video content with frame specificity. Select frames across the timeline. Play your shorts on a loop. With features like full screen view, playback speed, synchronized review of different versions, Present Mode, and more, getting feedback has never been easier.

Integrated encoding options and global CDN delivery, can handle the most rigorous needs of professional video production.

Video review and approval by ReviewStudio

Keep It Together

Upload progressive versions of your videos to easily track revisions. Use Compare Mode to playback two versions side by side, so you can easily visualize progress.

With one centralized platform hosting your reviews and feedback, team members and collaborators can easily access the most up-to-date versions of your video content.

You can also view all your supporting content in one place, no matter the format.

Video annotation software by ReviewStudio

Manageable Video Workflows

With full, intuitive control over users, projects, and deadlines, ReviewStudio helps make workflows easy for studio or project managers to administer.

Turn feedback into tasks, track those tasks to completion, and keep your projects flowing with automated approval workflows.

Markup video collaboratively by ReviewStudio

Potential Project Applications

While ReviewStudio may have started off as a video proofing tool, we’ve since expanded to provide so much more. This means our platform not only enables smart collaboration on video content, but on all your related or supporting content, too – in one convenient space.

  • Long-Form Video

    Get accurate, on-frame feedback on all your video projects, long or short. No downloads or transfers required.
  • Social Video

    In light of fast turnaround times, and teams that include internal creatives and outside approvers social video projects are easier to manage with our video proofing solution.
  • Commercials Spots

    Working on an ad? Localizing creative? Adapting for a different platform? Uploading video, tracking versions, assigning tasks, and collaborating with external stakeholders is simple
  • All Your Content

    Beyond video, you can also upload and work with storyboards, artwork, stills, and promotional collateral – essentially anything you want to share for the purpose of review and approval.


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  • What kind of support do you offer?

    We provide all integrators with a dedicated development representative available through email, chat or zoom to assist at all stages of your integration project - from design to implementation through ongoing operations and upgrades.

  • How do I learn how to use ReviewStudio?

    You can start by watching our online tutorial videos. Our Help Center provides instructional articles and comprehensive knowledgebase. You are also welcome to schedule a free online training session where we’ll take you through the application and discuss any specific creative workflow issues that may be relevant to your situation.

  • How does an Approver give their approval?

    If you are designated as an Approver, you will see a “Submit Decision” button in the Review Canvas for each file that is included in the Review. The default options include “Approve”, “Approve with Changes”, or “Revisions Required”. Note that these options may be customized for each account. For more on approvals, check out our knowledgebase.

  • Who can be set as an Approver? Can Guests be Approvers?

    Any user can be designated as an Approver on any Review. There may be multiple Approvers on a Review. You can designate Approvers from the Review Share menu.

    Guests can also be designated as Approvers, but it’s either all or none.

  • How do external users, such as clients, access my Review?

    To add external users to a Review, they will either need a user account (such as a Reviewer or Collaborator) or a guest account. For many situations, the guest account can be sufficient. Users, however, have more options with notifications and receive digests, as well as having access to a dashboard. With Guests, you need to send an explicit notification.

  • Does ReviewStudio have an API? Where can I see the documentation?

    Yes. It is available for accounts at the Studio plan level and above. If you are interested in activating the API key and webhooks for your account or reviewing the documentation, please reach out to our support team.

  • How do I compare multiple versions of a file?

    Using Compare Mode, you can review any two files or versions of a file side-by-side that are in the same Review. For full details, have a look here.

  • What file formats can I proof in ReviewStudio?
    • Images – JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, 360 Panoramic (JPG or PNG)
    • Video - MP4, MOV, OGG, WebM, FLV, AVI, WMV, ASF, ProRes +
    • Audio - MP3, WMA, AAC
    • Documents - PDF, SVG, DOC(X), PPT(X), XLS(X)
    • Web - HTML (either as a ZIP or URL capture)
    • 3D - GLB

    If there is a particular format you use that is missing from this list, please reach out to support and we can consider adding it.

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