For marketing professionals looking to streamline workflows, ReviewStudio accelerates the feedback process and enables smoother approvals.

That’s why it’s a preferred proofing software for teams of all sizes looking for a more efficient marketing review and approval process.

Intuitive Marketing Review and Approval

Centralized Feedback

Put an end to siloed creative feedback with a cloud-based hub for all creative reviews and approvals.

Asset Management

Files are collated, so the latest version is always at hand, along with a clear history of all revisions and approvals.

Keep Approvals on Track

Hold collaborators and decision-makers accountable with clear deadlines, reminders, and an intuitive approval system.

Some Key Features

Markup Tools

Tools for precise feedback, including freehand, shapes, text and more.

Approval Management

Intuitive approval options, easy to manage, with customization options.

Task Management

Assign, track, and manage tasks, resolving feedback as you work.

File Types

Markup over 100 formats, including video, PDF, images, web, and documents.

Comment Privacy

Control comment and version privacy with internal/external privacy mode.

Automated Workflows

Keep files moving through stages with automated approval workflows.

Present Mode

Live reviewing sessions to facilitate synchronous and faster feedback.

Version Control

Centralize and collate unlimited versions for sequential and organized review.

Content production is a key responsibility for marketers. Talk to one of our product specialists to learn how you can streamline your creative review and approval process with ReviewStudio.

Clear Feedback on Marketing Collateral

Review marketing collateral in context. Upload all your campaign files into a single Review so you can mark up videos, PDFs, documents, imagery, and web content in one space.

For ease of use, all markup tools are format-specific, tailored to the individual files you’re working with.

Marketing creative review with PDF

Speed Up Your Workflows

Get faster approvals from key decision-makers, designating any number of approvers as needed to get the job done.

Send them automated reminders. Have decision-makers assign tasks and tag users in their comments, with @mentions for added clarity.

With no downloads or installs required, the marketing review and approval process is incredibly fast and efficient.

Marketing Approvals Simplified by ReviewStudio

Centralized and Consolidated

All versions and revisions are centrally stored in the cloud, making it easier to determine why changes have been made, and identify the most up-to-date files.

A transparent history of feedback, tasks, and approvals promotes accountability.

Version control by ReviewStudio

Potential Project Applications

From large campaigns to one-offs, quick turnarounds to year-long projects, ReviewStudio gives you a centralized hub to review and approve all your marketing collaborations.

  • Video Content

    Forget the hassle of sending timestamps and email instructions when you can review video collaboratively. Deliver your video projects more quickly with fast upload times, easy sharing, and other video proofing features.
  • Whitepapers and Brochures

    If you don’t have the right tools, managing feedback on PDFs and other documents is tedious. With ReviewStudio, minimize miscommunications thanks to text annotation tools, synchronized comment threads, and versioning.
  • Website Design

    Landing pages, banners, templates, email newsletters – upload these and other web content in a .zip file or use the URL capture tool to directly import the content you need reviewed.
  • Photo Shoots

    Upload and review images in batches, including batch approvals and selections. Mark up your selections to add clarity. Use Compare Mode to view versions side by side to ensure edits have been completed correctly.


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ReviewStudio accelerates the feedback process. That’s why it’s a preferred proofing software for marketing teams looking for a more efficient review and approval process.


  • What kind of support do you offer?

    We offer all our customers basic email and phone support. For Advanced and Enterprise clients we also offer a dedicated account rep for regular check-ins and faster support.

  • How do I learn how to use ReviewStudio?

    You can start by watching our online tutorial videos. Our Help Center provides instructional articles and a comprehensive knowledge base. You are also welcome to schedule a free online training session where we’ll take you through the application and discuss any specific creative workflow issues that may be relevant to your situation.

  • How do external users, such as clients, access my Review?

    To add external users to a Review, they will either need a user account (such as a Reviewer or Collaborator) or a guest account. For many situations, the guest account can be sufficient. Users, however, have more options with notifications and receive digests, as well as having access to a dashboard. With Guests, you need to send an explicit notification.

  • How can I keep track of tasks required to complete a project?

    All feedback can be turned into revision requests by converting them to tasks and assigning them to specific users. From the main Dashboard, these users can quickly find any open tasks assigned to them across all Projects and all Reviews. Within a Review, users can filter the comments to show only their open tasks (as tasks are marked as completed, they will be hidden from the list). Admins can also keep track of the progress of task completion by all users across all Projects.

  • Can I select and highlight text?

    If you upload a document that contains text, the toolbar will show enabled text markup options. These include highlight, select, delete, underline and insert. You can also copy/paste the selected text into a comment to indicate edits.

  • How do I compare multiple versions of a file?

    Using Compare Mode, you can review any two files or versions of a file side-by-side that are in the same Review. For full details, have a look here.

  • Do I need an extension to upload or review website content?

    No. Our website proofing requires no extensions to simplify the reviewing process for clients and teams. You can either upload your HTML as a .zip file or enter the URLs of the pages you want to import.

  • What file formats can I proof in ReviewStudio?
    • Images – JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, 360 Panoramic (JPG or PNG)
    • Video - MP4, MOV, OGG, WebM, FLV, AVI, WMV, ASF, ProRes +
    • Audio - MP3, WMA, AAC
    • Documents - PDF, SVG, DOC(X), PPT(X), XLS(X)
    • Web - HTML (either as a ZIP or URL capture)
    • 3D - GLB

    If there is a particular format you use that is missing from this list, please reach out to support and we can consider adding it.

  • Can I control which Projects and Reviews each user can see or access?

    Absolutely. Non-admin users can only see and access the Clients, Projects and Reviews that you explicitly share with them. For Collaborators who have permission to create new Reviews and upload files, you can also limit the specific projects that they can see/access by creating project teams.

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