Keeping Your Creative Workflows Flowing

You are starting a project. It could be a package redesign. Maybe a new ad campaign. Perhaps it’s a video teaser. You have lots of moving pieces and the last thing you need are delays in getting your content reviewed and approved.

Here’s how ReviewStudio keeps your creative workflows flowing.

Create a Review


Once you’ve set up your account and added some users to your team, go to your dashboard and “+ New Review”. You’ll have a few options to choose from here, such as deadlines, setting your client and projects, and more.

You can then upload your files from a wide range of formats that will be grouped for proofing as part of the Review.

Share for Feedback


With all your files in a Review, you can now add users, set them as approvers (or not), and choose to enable guest access if required.

Then simply share the Review with your team when it’s ready for their feedback and approvals, notifying them via the app or by sending them a link.

Markup and Annotate


When users click the link, they land on the Review Canvas, where they’ll access tools to leave their feedback. There are text markup options for documents, a range of video-specific options, tools to interact with web content, and markup tools that apply to all formats.

As markups are made, they will appear as comments in the comment sidebar.

Markup and approve architecture rendering by ReviewStudio

Get Clarity


Need to clarify something? All comments are threaded.

Need faster input? @Mention someone to get their immediate attention.

Want to assign feedback? Turn it into a task.

There is also a broad range of filtering options, as well as the synchronized Present Mode to help get you clarity in real-time.

Architecture visualization creative tasks by ReviewStudio

Upload a New Version


With feedback in, tasks assigned, and everyone aligned, your team can do the work and upload a revised version into the Review.

Versions are collated and sequential, so you are always looking at the most up-to-date version. You can still access previous or older versions, but feedback on older versions is locked by default.

With Compare Mode, put any two files in a Review side-by-side, with options to highlight differences and synchronize navigation.

Version control by ReviewStudio

Get Approval


Once revisions are completed, approvals are given right on the Canvas. You have options for “all or any approvers”, customized approval messages, workflow automations, and approval workflows. Approval (and rejection) decisions are stored in the Review history for record keeping.

It’s much simpler getting approved when there’s nothing to download, everything is centralized and with a highly intuitive interface.

And we’re just scratching the surface of what you can do with ReviewStudio.

Entreprise online proofing SDK with Approvals

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