Software and SaaS Solutions for Developing Fully Integrated Online Proofing Workflows

From large teams to custom configurations, complex implementations to whitelabeling solutions, ReviewStudio brings a flexible proofing SDK to your creative workflows.

Enabling Flexible and Powerful Creative Workflows

ReviewStudio’s SDK integration solutions are designed for enterprises, agencies, and software companies looking to integrate media review, markup, and approval functionality. This can be into existing creative workflows, digital asset management tools, or project management solutions.

ReviewStudio Proofing SDK

ReviewStudio CUBE SDK is a client/server solution that enables the display, presentation, and annotation of rich media content from most web browsers.

ReviewStudio SDK offers a highly configurable and customizable environment that is designed to be integrated into any commercial or proprietary Content Management System (CMS) or other Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Augment Your Current Creative Workflows


Client/server software application that adds web-based review, markup, and approval functionality to any existing media management platform.


Supports multiple media formats, including image, video, HTML, and PDF files.


Fully customizable and configurable to support any existing business logic and user roles.

Augment creative workflows

Enterprise Proofing Designed with Flexibility and Security in Mind

  • Customizable & Extendable

    Fully configurable web client interface is implemented with open W3C-compliant HTML5 standards, while conforming to your platform’s branding and styling with fully customizable CSS.
  • The Highest Security Standards

    Install the ReviewStudio collaboration server within your existing IT infrastructure, for complete signature-based security and encryption to address the strictest security requirements.
  • Robust API

    JavaScript API to easily integrate the annotation web-client with your existing platform UI. Communicate all review activity and annotation data to the backend DB using client and server callbacks.
  • Fully Supported

    Our developers are highly responsive and able to provide ongoing support and updates, ensuring we get your integration fully operational as quickly as possible.

Talk to a product success specialist today. We can discuss your integration and see how we can facilitate your workflow implementation.

ReviewStudio Proofing SaaS SDK

ReviewStudio’s Integration SaaS option is the easiest and fastest way to add advanced proofing functionality to your proprietary media application.

Offering all the advanced proofing features of our SDK, our SaaS solution also handles all the backend processes required for uploading, encoding, serving, and storing your assets.

Works The Way You Need It To


Integrated “whitelabeled” service for adding media review and approval functionality to an existing production service.


Comprehensive media review pipeline and management, including accelerated uploading, media encoding, and CDN delivery.


Offers all the workflow features of our ReviewStudio SaaS, including task management, notifications, and version control.

Entreprise online proofing SDK with Approvals

Robust & Scalable Cloud Deployment

  • Customizable Feature Set

    Activate only the features required for your specific use case(s) and creative worklows.
  • AWS Hosting

    Offered exclusively on Amazon Web Services, providing full operational redundancies and backup capabilities for uncompromising reliability and performance.
  • Rest API & SSO

    Use the REST API, Webhooks and SSO options to integrate with your existing platform architecture.
  • SYNC & ASYNC Collaboration Tools

    Supports both independent markup and live real-time review sessions.

Unparalleled Technical Support

Our dedicated team of developers will be available to support you from design to deployment (and beyond) to ensure that your proofing integration project is successful.

All plans include full email and phone support as standard, as well as regular software updates and prioritization of new feature requests.

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  • What kind of support do you offer?

    We offer all our customers basic email and phone support. For Advanced and Enterprise clients we also offer a dedicated account rep for regular check-ins and faster support.

  • What kind of software integration support do you offer?

    We provide all integrators with a dedicated development representative available through email, chat or zoom to assist at all stages of your integration project - from design to implementation through ongoing operations and upgrades.

  • Can I obtain the documentation for both the SaaS and SDK solutions?

    Yes, please contact us with your request. Evaluation versions of both solutions are also available after a consultation with a development support representative.

  • What is the pricing of the SaaS and SDK solutions?

    The pricing structure depends upon the type of license required (end user, ASP, OEM) so please contact us for more information.

  • Can the Saas and SDK be “white-labeled” ?

    Yes, both the SaaS and SDK can be customized and branded by the host application.

  • What is the difference between the SaaS solution and the SDK?

    Both solutions provide the same ReviewStudio functionality to review, annotate and approve a wide range of digital media files. The primary difference is that the SaaS solution is hosted by ReviewStudio (on AWS) and provides all the backend support to upload, process, store and serve the data files being reviewed. The development effort required to integrate with our SaaS is generally faster and easier to undertake than using our SDK.

    The SDK consists of our Review Canvas web client and server software that can be installed “in-house” and fully integrated into any existing CMS or BPM platform. With this solution, all the user, media and workflow management is handled by the supporting platform. Our SDK offers more advanced customization and configuration options to support whatever business logic and security profile is required.

  • Does ReviewStudio answer security questionnaires?

    Yes. We regularly answer security questionnaires that are often a requirement from IT departments. Please reach out to our support team to discuss your workflow needs and to share your requirements.

  • What kind of security features does ReviewStudio provide?

    We provide 256 bit SSL Encryption. We are AWS Hosted and security compliant. We can provide an Audit Trail. Our Security layer is validated for the following compliance requirements: PCI, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC. We also offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee available with SLA. We would be happy to work with any IT department to complete a security questionnaire.

  • How does ReviewStudio protect the privacy of my data?

    ReviewStudio provides a number of ways that you may protect and restrict the content you post. With multi-user plans, you may also assign and restrict Reviews only to particular users. For guests, who have unauthenticated access, you have the option to password-protect the Reviews you share. You can also enable on 2FA or SSO login. For a full description of how we protect your privacy please read our complete privacy policy.

  • How does ReviewStudio secure my data?

    All our infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and our technical measures are in full accordance with AWS Compliance as described at AWS security controls are described at All data is processed and stored on AWS servers and S3 storage. Ongoing hardening is implemented through upgrades to OS, upgrades to the Rails framework, and ongoing security scans by Cloud 66. All data transferred in our platform utilizes HTTPS. Data at rest (with the exception of passwords) is not encrypted.

  • Does ReviewStudio have an API? Where can I see the documentation?

    Yes. It is available for accounts at the Advanced plan level and above. If you are interested in activating the API key and webhooks for your account or reviewing the documentation, please reach out to our support team.

  • What level of support does ReviewStudio provide for Integrations?

    We provide direct access to our API developers to help you spec and implement your integration project. We are constantly updating our APIs and Zapier implementation to add functionality that customers request. Please reach out to our support team to discuss your project.

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