New Features to Support Website Review

This month we’re introducing two major new features to facilitate the use of ReviewStudio for website design and development projects. 

Supporting  HTML Files

The first offers support for annotating live web pages and banners by allowing the uploading of native HTML files. 

Using this approach, a live web page will be displayed in an iFrame within the review canvas and your reviewers can annotate directly on top of the banner or page displayed. 

Should page scrolling be required and comments added outside the current viewport, clicking on the comment in the comment bar will automatically scroll the page to the proper focus.

Web Review Feature

A “Navigation” option at the bottom of the page will override the annotation tools so that reviewers can test any live links within the banner or page (these links will open in new browser tabs).

Screen Capturing Live Pages

If uploading a web page is not a practical approach, then an alternate tool is provided that lets you preview any live website and screen-capture specific pages to automatically upload to the review.  The tool allows you to specify the resolution you want to preview so multiple options can be provided for review. 

Web Review Features

To learn more about how to use these new features please review the help page article here