Trinsic Animation is a creative studio that specializes in creating 3D animations for companies producing biotech, pharmaceutical and medical devices. The creative process requires close collaboration between medical professionals, clients and, of course, the studio. Trinsic co-founder Steve Shane said key ingredients to successful projects are collaborating closely with clients, getting feedback quickly and efficiently and choosing the right tools. One final ingredient that also can’t be overlooked is the passion the team has for their work.

Accommodating Clients with Tight Schedules

Projects typically start with a client explaining the science behind what they’d like to animate. Then, the studio produces concept outlines, storyboards, drafts of 3D models, draft animations and the final video production. Between each step, it’s essential to verify that the studio’s work is accurate. The challenge is that many of their clients and consultants aren’t available to meet in person, or to connect at a specific time. This is where ReviewStudio is particularly useful.

“Some of our clients are doctors and they never have a consistent schedule in their life,” said Steve. “They never know when they’re going to be called into surgery, what days they’re going to work. So, being able to check these assets at two in the morning is very, very beneficial.” He said it’s also important that the review tool is easy for clients to use so they can participate in review as fast and as easily as possible.

Why ReviewStudio?

Trinsic at one point tried to build their own solution by hosting files needed for review on their own servers. They soon realized that it was not a sustainable method, and looked for a web-based solution. “We evaluated many of the tools out there, but most are designed for more complex business processes and included functionality we just don’t need.” Steve said.  Ultimately, there were three key factors that caused Trinsic to go with ReviewStudio: “Functionality, ease-of-use and value were the three biggest things.”
Trinsic understands the value of an optimized workflow that integrates feedback from customers at every step “We’ve been very pleased with our choice and the support we’ve received – it’s been exceptional”.