While everything about ReviewStudio is new, our experience helping creative professionals and teams manage the online proofing of and collaboration on digital media assets goes back over eight years now when we released our first proofing and approval product called Cozimo.  With our new platform, we’re introducing a new generation of cloud-based review and collaboration tools that are easier and more natural to use while providing even greater mobility and the performance to handle professional-level video, pdf proofing and other digital media assets.

So what makes the new ReviewStudio so unique as an online proofing software and application?

The most important aspect is that it’s designed to support all the ways in which creative professionals and teams naturally collaborate online during a project. You have the flexibility to share content and collect feedback from your collaborators independently – or to get online with any number of people to follow up or review content together.  In all cases, ReviewStudio organizes the feedback and makes it easy for you to track and reference as your project progresses.

ReviewStudio doesn’t impose new rules on how you do your work – it simply makes it easier and faster to proof digital files, for you to get feedback and signoffs, so you can get your projects done sooner and with fewer hassles.

With this new release of ReviewStudio we’ve introduced many significant upgrades over our previous Cozimo solution. Here are the highlights:

Easier video markups using a browser or mobile tablet

The review canvas has been substantially redesigned to make it easier and more intuitive for non-technical users. The tools palette has been simplified and all notes are now conveniently located in a sidebar menu for easier access. In addition, the review canvas has been implemented using HTML5 instead of Flash, so that you can now conveniently do your proofing, video markups, reviews and remote meetings from any mobile tablet.

Professional level video support for proofing

ReviewStudio allows you to upload videos up to 1GB in size, provides integrated transcoding services, and utilizes Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN to deliver high bandwidth videos anywhere in the world. You can do on-frame video markup independently or sync the video between any number of online collaborators.

Streamlined organization for better online collaboration

We’ve introduced a new “dashboard” that immediately shows you all the reviews you’re currently engaged in with visual cues and notifications for any new comments or activity. Sharing reviews is also more flexible. You can share each review with specific people and change the share list at any time. You can also conveniently send reviews to “guests” who do not require a formal user account to access it.

To all our long-term and loyal customers, we want to thank you for all the support you’ve shown as we’ve undergone this major transition. If you’re not already using ReviewStudio, we invite you to contact us for free demo or sign up for free trial.  And if you have any questions or need assistance getting started we’re here to help out.  We very much see the development of ReviewStudio itself as a collaborative effort between us and our customers – all our development is guided by the requests and feedback we receive. So we welcome you to get in touch directly or through facebook or twitter and we look forward to hearing from you!