This month we’re introducing a new and improved PDF toolbar to facilitate the proofing of mutli-page documents, web pages, advertising and packaging design. These changes include improvements to page zoom, pan and navigation; a new page rotation tool; and new text annotation tools to indicate text actions such as delete, replace and insert using standardized markup symbols. Specifically, the improvements for reviewing PDF documents and page layouts include the following new functionality:

New Text Annotation Tools – To markup a document or graphic page you can continue to use any of our standard annotation tools such as freehand lines and shapes. If the document contains text, specific tools can be used to indicate the text actions desired. These text annotation tools include:

Page Rotation Tool – In packaging print design layouts, it’s typical to have graphics and text oriented in different directions corresponding to the various sides of the finished package. To facilitate the review and markup of each side, we’re introducing a new page rotate tool in the PDF toolbar. Each click of the button will rotate the page 90 degrees clockwise. Note the the rotation is only maintained while a document is being reviewed and annotated – it’s not stored as persistent document property.

New Zoom and Scroll Controls – By default, document are loaded and resized to “fit to window”. You can zoom into a section of the document by selecting the “magnify glass” zoom tool (hotkey z) and then clicking on the point you wish to see in more detail or dragging out a region of interest. On touchscreens and mobile you can now also use multi-touch pinch. Other zoom options available in the toolbar include “Fit to Window” (hotkey 0), “Fit Width” (hotkey 1), “Zoom 100%” (hotkey 1), “Zoom 200%” (hotkey 2) and Zoom 300% (hotkey 3).

To scroll or pan an image you can select the “hand” tool (hotkey h) or use two finger drag on a touchpad/screen to scroll. The mouse wheel can also now be used to scroll  (click-drag to pan). Alternatively, you can toggle the action of the wheel from scroll to zoom by clicking the x hotkey.

Page Navigation Tool – To advance to a particular page of a multi-page document you can enter the page number directly in the page input field or click on the page index line (the page index line is divided into segments representing the number of pages in the document). Segments that have annotations on them will display a marker on the line. You can advance directly to those pages by clicking on the index line at the marker or using the arrows at the lower left of the toolbar to advance to next/previous annotated page.