Today we’re introducing a new “Defaults” page to set parameters associated to your account and to specific projects. These defaults include the ability to establish default Share Groups for each new Review and get online proofing with notifications. We’re also generalizing our notification functionality so you can now send notifications to users from within the system at any time.

Default Project Share Groups

For customers with multi-user plans, you currently have the ability to define a “Share Group” for each individual Review. This Share Group lists the other users who may access the Review and you may add or delete users from this group at any time.

Because the group of users you share a Review with tends to be the same for a particular Project,  we’re introducing a feature that provides you the possibility of defining a default Share Group for each Project. If you define such a group for a Project, then those users will automatically be assigned to each new Review associated to that Project.  You retain the flexibility to change the Share Group for a specific Review at any time – the default list is only used when the Review is first created (adding or removing users from a specific Review does not affect the makeup of the default group).

To create a default Share Group for a specific Project:

      1. Click on “Accounts” (under your name in the top right of your dashboard)
      2. Click on the “Defaults” tab.
      3. Select the Project that you wish to create or edit the default list for (or you may also define a new Project).
      4. In the menu that is activated, select the each User you wish to add to the list. To remove a User from the list click on “remove” next to their name.  Note that adding or deleting people from this default group will not affect the makeup of any existing Reviews – it only effects who will be added to future Reviews.

General Notifications

Previously, you were only able to send notifications – with Review links –  to new users when they were first added to a Review (again, this only functionality available in multi-user plans). You can now send notifications to selected Users at any time. This notification functionality is accessed through the Share menu.

You can modify the content of the notification you send by clicking on “customize message”. Notifications are sent “From” the name of your company with the Subject “Review Notification – [Name of Project]”. The reply email is “noreply” (as required for anti-spam rules conformation) but the name and email of the person sending the notification is now included in the message if desired.

Default Comment Time Limits

Currently, reviewers have 90 minutes to edit or delete any annotations they make. Once that time limit has passed. We have now made it possible for you to establish the time limit (if any) that you would like to provide your users.

To change the time limit allowed for editing or deleting comments:

      1. Click on “Accounts” (under your name in the top right of your dashboard)
      2. Click on the “Defaults” tab.
      3. Select the time limit you wish from the drop down menu.
      4. Click Save.