Advanced PDF support.

This month we’ve introduced a major upgrade to PDF file support and multi-item print so that now all vector and text content present in your PDF files are preserved (previously all PDF files were rasterized). This improvement means you can now have resolution-independent zoom so that even the smallest graphic and text details can be reviewed at full fidelity.

In addition, we’re now supporting more advanced document review capabilities by providing two new annotation tools for either highlighting or crossing out text. To use these tools simply select the desired action from the tool bar and then click and drag over any text you want to highlight or cross out. Once you release the mouse you can then add your comments as you would any other mark-up.

Multi-item Print Support.

A new option has been introduced to the print tool to make it easier for creating full reports or archives of all the comments on all the items in a Review (previously you could only print one item a time).  Here are the revised instructions for printing:

  1. From the review canvas select “Print” in the lower left corner.
  2. Select whether to “Print all items” or “Print current item only” and click “Print”.  Note that when selecting “Print all items” only the most recent version of a multiple versioned items will be printed.
  3. The review canvas will now be formatted in the browser window. If there are many items being printed it may take some time for all the items to load and be formatted. The status of the formatting is shown in a message at the top of the page.
  4. Wait until the message indicates that all items are ready and then use your browser print function to print the report. On a Mac or using Chrome, you can also choose to “print” to a PDF file (on Windows you can install a PDF printer to accomplish this).
  5. After the file has printed click “Return” to return to the regular review canvas window.

PDF file support and the multi-item print is ready to play around with on our site now.