ReviewStudio supports the creative review process by providing the ability to display and annotate images, video and PDF files online. Several customers have requested the ability to include related supplemental files that they would also like to make available to their collaborators for downloading – for example, photoshop files, CAD drawings, or scripts that relate to the series of images or videos being reviewed. Previously, files that could not be displayed online could not be uploaded to the Review file list and a separate FTP site or file transfer application was required.

So, responding to these requests we’ve now removed the restrictions so that you can upload any file to include with a Review (up to 1GB in size). Files that can’t be displayed will be identified in the file table and thumbnail strip with a generic “file” icon. When your collaborator clicks on the thumbnail, a message will indicate that the file cannot be displayed but that the collaborator can download the file using the download button at the bottom of the Review canvas (note that the “allow download or original files” option must be enabled for the Review and this will now be set by default).  You may still add comments to the file should there be any description or instructions you want to include.

With this new feature, using ReviewStudio to transfer files, project reviews and associated files can now be more easily consolidated and distributed – further simplifying and streamlining your collaborative workflows.

As always, please get in touch if you have any questions!