Since launching the new release in December, we’ve received lots of excellent feedback and suggestions from customers on additional refinements, and in the past month we’ve implement over 20 of these suggestions.

The most significant new feature we’ve introduced this month is the ability to include an @mention in a Review comment to immediately notify one or more Review participants of a specific issue they need to address ASAP.

Where It’s @

1. When entering a comment on a file you can add “@” to activate a menu that includes all the users and guests participating in the review.

2. The name of the users/guests will be shown in the comment (along with unique id that is automatically set). These people will immediately receive a branded email notification that includes the comment text and link back to the Review.

3. When the user clicks on the link, they will be taken to the file with all comments except the one mentioned open in the Review Canvas so that they can immediately reply.

Here’s a list of some of the other refinements we introduced in January:

  • Ability to set a review deadline reminder. This will send a general notification to all review participants 24 hours prior to the set deadline.
  • We’ve deactivated the ability to add a comment when making an approval action to avoid conflicting instructions. But this can be reactivated if you prefer to allow them in the Settings > Configuration menu.
  • Autocomplete for remembering and adding guests that you have already add in previous reviews.
  • Ability to filter reviews shown in the dashboard by approval status. 
  • Ability to delete “all versions” of a file or only the “latest version” of a file.
  • Providing more company review defaults on the Settings > Configurations menu. This includes the default encoding option, the default time limit for editing comments and the default approval rule.
  • We’ve made improvements to the file “sort” options of a Review and also changed the behaviour so that when new files are added to a “manual” sort, they will automatically go to the end of the list.