They say it takes a village to raise a child.

A full scale design projects usually involve more than one person, often times – the full village. Brilliant creators work collaboratively, with clients, account managers, and client leads, adding their own take on new ideas to form something beautiful that perfectly navigates the realms of content, art, and design. It’s effective collaboration at its finest.

However, it’s not always easy.


The Issues


School primed us for group projects that are hard to navigate and manage.

Allocating the right amount of work to the perfect team member can be surprisingly difficult.

Keeping the end goal in mind, whether it’s for a client or your CEO, can be equally challenging. Without well-defined deadlines and specs, it’s easy to keep adding and updating a project, pushing the design way over time and budget.

When it comes to collaborative design projects, it’s necessary to have the right framework and tools set up, and to go in with an open mind (and open lines of communication) or else you risk major setbacks and failures.

With a bit of planning, there are ways to tighten up the process for collaborative review of  design projects.


Communication is Key

Talking things over with the team regularly is a great way to make sure everyone stays on track.

But, since it’s 2019 and we don’t all work in a collection of cubicles, it’s sometimes a challenge to get everyone together for a heart-to-heart.

It’s essential that you end up on the same page about what you’re pushing forward to the client, instead of assuming what is expected of you and working forward on your own. If everyone *thinks* they know what they’re doing, when your team gets back together to glue all the pieces together, it might not all fit.

ReviewStudio keeps everyone on the same page by consolidating feedback, discussions, and tasks into one place. Automated notifications as well as direct @mention messaging keeps communication at the forefront. This speeds up the feedback and approval process.



Limit Approvers to Speed up The Process

The fewer signatures required to sign off on pieces, the faster the concept gets passed. And the sooner the project can be out the door.

While two heads may be better than one, more collaborators does not always make the most efficient collaboration.

With ReviewStudio, you can manage multiple approvers and set deadlines for authorizing each phase of the project. This ensures that the required approval process will move forward on schedule, and that everyone knows what’s required before the next stage.

Working with ReviewStudio’s comments and suggestions feature instead of directly altering someone’s work can be much more effective and respectful for your team.



Make Meetings Count

Let’s hear it for meetings that should have been emails!

According to, 49% of workers consider unfocused meetings to be their biggest workplace time waster. If you can’t get something actionable to take away from a meeting, why have one?

Similarly, since status updates often don’t involve the whole team, they tend to be a waste of a meeting. It’s not worth the interruption.

When I say interruption, I’m talking about the idea of focused work. If you’re a ‘maker’, like a designer, writer, or programmer, it’s much better to block off large chunks of time to focus.

Small breaks in concentration can cost up to 40% of someone’s productive time. So If you’re going to have a meeting, make it worthwhile.



Choose the Right Tool

For the most effective collaboration on your design projects it’s essential that everyone involved participating in the same platform.

ReviewStudio keeps everyone in the loop and on the same page. All collaborators can view, markup, comment, and edit any content throughout the course of a project. The lines of communication stay open so everyone stays actively engaged.

ReviewStudio is easy to use and provides a natural way for designers to engage around their content. Because of the depth of the notification and commenting section and visual suggestions, it will cut down on explanatory meetings, helping your team keep focused.

Be efficient in your collaboration, and together you and your team can deliver something awesome.


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