WardaCongratulations to Visionest – our latest ReviewStudio partner – on the launch of Warda, a groundbreaking new Digital Asset Management (DAM) system dedicated to the needs of the high-end fashion & retail industry.

Warda offers a suite of integrated applications for managing the entire life-cycle of the fashion product in digital format  – moving from design and analysis through production, marketing and visual merchandising.  Warda’s advanced content management functionality allows all image, video and document assets to be tracked, versioned and distributed for development and review.

As an OEM partner, Visionest has integrated ReviewStudio’s advanced technology to allow project participants to securely review, markup and collaborate live on digital assets anytime, anywhere – with all activity being tracked and managed through the Warda system.

Visionest is based in Italy and has a twelve year history of providing innovative technology solutions for the high-end fashion industry there. For more information on Warda or to arrange for a demonstration visit www.warda.it.