This month we’re introducing a new review canvas for ReviewStudio.

The new designs offers a more refined and professional experience for reviewing and presenting your digital media projects on all browsers and mobile tablets.  While the design of the UI represents a significant upgrade, the primary functionality or the canvas remains essentially the same as before so it should be easy for your teams and clients to pick up.

Here are some of the highlights of the new design:

  1. The review canvas has been re-organized to make better use of screen real estate – especially for use with mobile tablets.
  2. All the tools have been consolidated in a new tool palette along the side of the canvas to allow for easier access and selection.
  3. The darker color palette minimizes distractions from the primary media content  being reviewed.
  4. The Approval options have greater visibility to highlight their desired use. Of course, this Approval functionality remains an optional element that can be activated or deactivated from the review edit menu.

Over the coming months we’ll continue to make refinements to the design so we welcome your feedback and suggestions. But for now, check out our new review canvas. Just email us at to get involved!