This month we’re introducing new functionality to provide you with better control and feedback on the approval workflow status of your Reviews. Now you can control on a Review-by-Review basis which specific users should provide their approvals. You can also better track the overall approval status of each Review, file and user in your main dashboard and file management menus.

The new approval workflow functions as follows:

1. When you share your Review with other users you check whether that user should be an “approver” for the Review. You can also indicate whether any guests invited to the review should be approvers or not. Only approvers will see the approval option menu in the review canvas.

2. When an approver enters a Review they will now see their approval status for each file on the thumbnails so that they can more easily see which files still require action on their part. If the reviewer is not an “approver” the flag on the thumbnail represents the overall approval status of the file. The status flags include green if all approvers approve, red if even one approver rejects, and yellow if no approvers have yet taken any action.

3. The collaborator menu also shows more specifically the approval status of each approver for the current file.

4. The file edit menu for each Review also shows the overall approval status of each file. Hovering over the flag will display a “tooltip” with the specific status of each approver.

5. Similarly, the main dashboard shows the overall status of all approvers for all files in the Review. Note that these dashboard flags will do not show up on any reviews that were created prior to deployment of this feature because the changes to how approvals are now tracked would lead to incorrect or misleading information.