The Journal of Video Ethnography (JVE) is a new international peer-reviewed journal being launched by DePaul University’s Social Science Research Center. The aim of the journal is to advance the social scientific use of video/film as a method for exploring human society, systems, and cultures and as a medium for presenting the findings of those explorations.

Editor-in-Chief, Greg Scott, is the director of the Social Science Research Center at DePaul and an accomplished educator and documentary filmmaker. In a recent discussion, he elaborated on his goals for the journal.  “Our first objective is to establish academia’s first-ever mechanism for the peer review of films that have social science ideas at their core. We expect that most submissions will come from academics who make films. This said, we also aspire to bridge the gap between academia and commercial documentary film and envision the gap-bridging to also involve providing a vehicle for the distribution of films by non-academic filmmakers whose films constitute an ethnographic point of view on this or that culture or group or phenomenon.”

Published twice a year, the journal accepts public submissions that are evaluated by a panel of two or three anonymous peer reviewers representing a wide range of disciplines but all sharing a commitment to social science ethnography. The journal will be using ReviewStudio as a platform for managing the distribution of videos, consolidating feedback from reviewers, and collaborating with filmmakers on preparing their videos for publication.

Submissions for the premier edition of the journal will open on March 1. Greg is also interested in expanding the peer group of qualified reviewers so if you’re interested or know of other potential candidates please contact Greg at For more information about JVE (and a preview of current student work from the DePaul program) be sure to check out their website at