This month we continued with the ongoing refinements to our recent release while adding a number of new features:

Better Task Filters

We added a new filter to the comment bar so you can view only the comments set as tasks, hide all the completed tasks, or view only the open tasks that are assigned to you.

And while we were at it, we are now better differentiating the color between your open tasks (using orange) vs the open tasks assigned to others (purple). The completed tasks will continue to be green.

Break the Language Barrier

We’re starting to roll out alternative language support for the review canvas to provide a better experience for your non-English speaking clients and guests. The language used will automatically be detected from the browser settings but users can also set a language preference in their profile. This month we introduce French and Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil) and we will be following up soon with other languages in countries where ReviewStudio is popular.

We’ve updated our SSO support for ReviewStudio to make it easier to integrate our platform with other enterprise authentication solutions. For additional information on this solution please contact us at