Managing enterprise content has been a tremendous challenge for many media organizations. With increasing content types, formats and platforms, it is an ever evolving industry, with legacy vendors and traditional approaches no longer being able to keep up with needs of its clients. In the enterprise content management world, Alfresco is one of the most important players – being named one of the companies which matter most in the digital content industry by EContent. Last year ReviewStudio was proud to enter a partnership with Alfresco Platinum partner, Ixxus, to support the development of their Digital Media Annotator (DMA)  – a fully integrated digital media annotation and collaboration extension designed specifically for the Alfresco platform.

For this reason, we are very excited about Afresco Summit 2013, Alfresco’s annual user and developer conference, bringing together anyone who uses the Alfresco software. The annual summit – being held this year in Barcelona (from Nov 5-7) and Boston (from Nov. 12-15) – will provide the perfect opportunity for developers, customers and non-technical members of the wider Alfresco community to expand on their knowledge, network and connect with other users.

Ixxus will be participating as a Gold sponsor and major contributor to this year’s conferences.  In Barcelona, Paul Champion will be presenting the DMA solution, while at the Boston summit, long time Ixxus client Fox, will be discussing how they are using Alfresco to manage their digital content. Also in Boston, Chris Dixon of Ixxus will be presenting other use cases from their major publishing and media clients including Pearson, Random House and Dorling Kindersley.

The Alfresco Summit will offer you many opportunities to learn more about this powerful enterprise media platform. For more information on the agenda and how to register visit the Alfresco Summit 2013 website.