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New Feature – Review Copy

This month’s major new feature is the functionality to copy a Review – either with our without existing annotations. This functionality can be useful when you want to share the same content with different stakeholders while maintaining the privacy of the feedback you receive. To copy a Review: In your Review dashboard, click on the […]

ReviewStudio for Website Development and Proofing

This month we launched our new website – the result of many months of collaboration between a talented team that included our marketing consultants, designers, video producers and developers. Working with a distributed team of external consultants on this creative project presented us with a golden opportunity to use ReviewStudio (or as they say in […]

New Feature – Review Locking

A third option has now been added for controlling the status of a Review. Previously, Reviews could only be “Active” or “Inactive”. When a Review is Inactive, it remains inaccessible to any of the collaborators that it is shared with. A new “Locked” option has now been added that allows collaborators to access a Review […]

Tips for Video Note Taking

In our discussions with video production studios, one laborious and time consuming task we hear about often is the process of compiling and distributing notes from client reviews of video projects. Whether reviews are conducted in person or remotely, the production manager is responsible for compiling revisions and circulating notes back to the customer for […]

New Features – Share Groups, Notifications & Time Limits

Today we’re introducing a new “Defaults” page to set parameters associated to your account and to specific projects. These defaults include the ability  to establish default Share Groups for each new Review. We’re also generalizing our notification functionality so you can now send notifications to users from within the system at any time. Default Project […]

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