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New Tools for PDF Proofing

This month we’re introducing a new and improved PDF toolbar to facilitate the proofing of mutli-page documents, web pages, advertising and packaging design. These changes include improvements to page zoom, pan and navigation; a new page rotation tool; and new text annotation tools to indicate text actions such as delete, replace and insert using standardized […]

Introducing New Approval Workflows

This month we’re introducing new functionality to provide you with better control and feedback on the approval status of your Reviews. Now you can control on a Review-by-Review basis which specific users should provide their approvals. You can also better track the overall approval status of each Review, file and user in your main dashboard […]

Improved Proofing from your Phone

If you’re schedule often takes you on the road and you’re working to a tight deadline, you may sometimes have no choice but to review and approve content from your phone. ReviewStudio’s new “compact” mode now makes it easier to navigate files and provide feedback from any web-enable smartphone. You can even run a presentation […]

New Feature – Task Management

This month we’re pleased to introduce new task management functionality that further extends ReviewStudio’s value for managing creative production workflows. Using this new feature, project managers can now assign the comments provided on your digital media files as tasks to be completed by specific team collaborators who are part of the review share group. Once […]

Dealini develops custom PDF proofing solution using ReviewStudio API

Last year we released a new API for ReviewStudio to support our ability to integrate the platform with other 3rd party CMS and project management solutions. We also made the API available directly to customers looking to integrate ReviewStudio’s online proofing functionality into their own proprietary software pipelines and production workflows. An excellent example of […]

New Feature – Comment Attachments

This month we’re introducing a new feature that provides your reviewers with the ability to attach one or more files to any comment. This will make it possible for them to provide reference PDFs, images and videos or any supplemental information that may be related in a comment attachment. If the attachment is a .jpg or […]

Techniques: Organizing for Private Client and Internal Reviews.

Whether you are proofing video, PDF’s or images, ReviewStudio offers considerable flexibility for organizing reviews in a way that naturally conforms to the design and production workflows you’re currently utilizing. In this example, an agency is interested in implementing a review workflow whereby all the client feedback they receive throughout the course of the project […]

Techniques – Video Encoding

ReviewStudio now has customers in over 25 different countries on every continent and delivering consistent and reliable video performance for easy online proofing is an ongoing priority for us. One key element of our pipeline is the initial video encoding process. This process converts uploaded source video to an mp4 H264 video that is now supported […]

New Feature: Review Canvas API support

ReviewStudio has long supported a robust API for our Review Canvas software that has allowed us to provide OEM software to publishing and media organizations looking to tightly embed review and annotation capabilities seamlessly into their proprietary (or third party) project and asset management solutions. This solution is ideal for organizations that already manage the […]

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